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yes i know it's not dark yet, can you hush [06 May 2016|03:17pm]

FRIDAY FFA: night time edition 🌜

you know the drill: ask and be asked. anon will be on, so be brave and spill. and for the night time theme, here are a few questions to get you started:

1.) do you prefer the lights on or off? 2.) what's something you can't do until the sun goes down? 3.) just how "freaky" would you say you are? (bonus if you wanna name one of your kinks) 4.) how do you sleep, what do you wear, what are your weird sleep habits? (alone, butt naked, with someone, in a parka, with 8 pillows and a heating pad, with your pets, etc) 5.) sleep over or get the hell out after a hook up? 6.) tell me a bedtime story! (or a story about a wild night, a good night, or a terrible night)

BONUS: should we have a slumber party??

EDIT: feel free to come comment all night, i'll hit up comments when it's ACTUALLY after dark too!!
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